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Mural Pavilion C


  C3 - E.J. Raeber Plumbing and Heating

E. J. Raeber Plumbing and Heating 141 North Clinton Street E.J. Raeber began his plumbing business in the George Fechtel building at 500 South Broadway in 1935.

In the late 1930's, Mr. Raeber bought into the E.A. East Sheet Metal business located at 141 North Clinton Street and moved his business there and that’s the building shown here.

One of the largest jobs Mr. Raeber undertook was the installation of a new heating system in the original St. Joseph's Hospital on North Cherry Street. His son, Leroy, took over the business in 1946 and operated it until 1950 when he sold it to Fred and Helen Randant. The business continued to be known as E.J. Raeber Company until 1979 when it was changed to R. & B. Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning.


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