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Mural Pavilion C


  C2 - The State Bank of Breese

The State Bank of Breese was organized by Henry B. Hummert, John Otto Koch, B.H. Donne, August Helwig, Christ Niebur and Louis Vander Pluym. The institution was officially opened for business on February 1, 1911 in a building located on the lot east of the Robert S.M.Donne residence at 549 North Broadway. In 1912, upon completion of a new bank facility, banking operations were moved into the new building shown here.

On the second floor, Dr. Harry Emerson conducted a dental business.

Later, his son, Moreland entered general practice with him. Also located in the second floor was Sara's Beauty Shop and others.

A new addition to the west was completed in 1974.


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