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Mural Pavilion C


  C10 - Barber Shop

John Strubhart Barber Shop.  This shop was among the oldest establishments in Breese. Mr. Strubhart began barbering in 1908. This building was moved from this location on North Second Street where the original State Bank building is located, to another location on North Second street. St. Mr. Henry 'Hank' Grapperhaus later operated Hank's Barber Shop at that location.

This building housing John Strubhart's barber shop was located farther west at one time but was moved eastward to make room for the original State Bank building. Lettering on entrance door read UR NEXT. The business & building was purchased by Henry 'Hank' Grapperhaus and was moved to 97 N. Main St. Mr. Henry 'Hank' Grapperhaus now operats Hank's Barber Shop at that location.


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